The story of self improvement: Tips to master

As we all know, the world is changing at a rapid pace. There is no rest for anyone as competition is very vast in the today’s world of technology. One must tend to improve very often in order to have an edge over the others; which might help you to achieve your dreams.

But sometimes, things doesn't happen as planned. We might do the thing we like, or try to improve in it, but we might face critics and negative quotations form people which might send a well prepared person in a setback. One must prepare for these kind of things in order to move forward and carry on your work as it demands towards your dream path.

We might hear a few stories like a guy ditched and mocked for something he cannot do, ends up doing it better than everyone else. I had also gone through the phase once in my life. I will share a small story and then I will share my tips on how I managed the negativity and converted it to my greatest strength.

As a teenager, I was very fond of gaming. I often used to participate in various inter-college tournaments and gave our best. Sometimes, the things went our way, sometimes it doesn’t. But in later years, my focus shifted a bit from gaming and I started to do some projects in my free time. That became a major break and when I returned, I seemed to lost my touch.

This was horrible because it was the skill I possessed for a long time. Still I realized and never gave up practice. I started managing both studies and games simultaneously and it worked out really great. But the worst was yet to come.

Later when I joined higher college, I intended to participate as well. But the folks around there (as they didn’t knew me) didn’t gave me a chance even if they had a vacancy of one guy. Instead they phoned for another guy who wasn’t even played the game before.

This hit me hard. But instead of causing ruckus, I went off the spot. I analyzed my mistakes; the mistakes which I was making continuously which were needed for improvement. Year or later, I am a professional player now, awaiting chances.

So what are the tips?

  1. Never give up

This is basic tip I would like to give everyone. Try not to be depressed as people don’t give you chance. Instead analyze yourself, think what went wrong and improve on that basis. There is a chance if you improve your mistakes, you might get a nod ahead of others.

2. Know what you are doing. Build a roadmap

As long as you know what you are doing and what your goals are, you can clear any obstacle on the way. Only thing you should be clear that what you are doing and what you are intended to do. Treading on a path without a vision may lead you to a confusion and could result in problem in later stages of life.

3. Stay cool

Keeping your head cool is one of the important characteristic to master. Most of the time, our mind makes simple things more complex; reason of which is over-thinking. If we stay calm and composed, no matter what people say or what we feel, task can be accomplished and can be easily completed.


Do what you feel you are confident of. Else in process of learning everything, don’t mix up everything. Follow a scheduled routine. This is impossible as we tend to be on move every time, but moving out of our comfort zone and creating a learning roadmap certainly helps.

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